About this website

Hi. I’m Amy Wardlaw. Here you can find out more about me, my website and how to get in touch.

About me

As a child my dream was to work in media. I loved researching, writing and creating things. I considered a career in journalism, but then discovered public relations and marketing. At the time of choosing my degree these industries seemed to offer more employment opportunities than being a journalist.

I’m now a chartered public relations (PR) consultant with many years’ experience. My ‘day job’ involves providing advice at a senior level in a Government organisation. I study target audiences and factors affecting how to communicate with them, I create online and offline PR and marketing strategies, plan campaigns and produce content – including for high-profile websites and blogs.

Find out more about my work as a PR consultant.

About this website

While I love my job the urge to create something for myself never goes away. So I began a website of my own.

This site is an additional outlet for my creativity. An experiment in owning my online presence. (The first entry in Google search results for my name is this website.) And a place for expanding my technical digital skills such as HTML and search engine optimisation (SEO) – expertise I believe essential for modern PR practitioners.

But it’s mainly about me and my life – that is where I think it’s of relevance to others. There are many great bloggers out there already creating stuff about the place I live and the things I love. I’ve no interest in competing with anyone and will happily champion others causes and creations. Instead I only want to spend my time adding value to the internet where I can.

And I’m hoping to create more visual than written content – like using Instagram (username: amywardlaw) and Youtube, because I firmly believe images are where the future is at.

Get in touch

Are you looking to get your first job in PR or digital media? A blogger with a question about working with PR people? Need social media work experience? Or fancy collaborating on a project you think would be worth my while?

Please get in touch. I LOVE talking about my work.

Find me on Twitter (@amywardlaw) or email amy(at)amywardlaw(dot)co(dot)uk.

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